Name File Size
AMD64 Application Programming amd64 1 - application programming.pdf 3,019,773
AMD64 System Programming amd64 2 - system programming.pdf 4,261,489
AMD64 General-Purpose and System Instructions amd64 3 - general-purpose and system instructions.pdf 4,659,928
AMD64 128-bit Media Instructions amd64 4 - 128-bit media instructions.pdf 2,696,640
AMD64 64-bit Media and 80x87 Instructions amd64 5 - 64-bit media and x87 instructions.pdf 2,470,923

IA-32, x86

Name File Size
x86 Processor Detection processor detection.pdf 178,994
AMD 3DNow! Technology Manual 3dnow technology manual.pdf 663,595
Intel Optimizations Manual intel optimisations manual.pdf 510,202
Intel Pentium 4 Optimizations Manual intel optimisations manual - p4.pdf 2,526,825
Intel Optimizations Reference Manual intel optimisations reference manual.pdf 1,886,437
Intel IA-32 Software Developer's Guide Volume I intel software developers guide volume 1.pdf 3,423,367
Intel IA-32 Software Developer's Guide Volume II intel software developers guide volume 2.pdf 7,746,371
Intel IA-32 Software Developer's Guide Volume III intel software developers guide volume 3.pdf 5,558,327

80286/7, 80386/7

The following four text files use codepage IBM-437; ASCII graphics will not be correct when viewed using a different codepage.

Name File Size
Intel 80286 Programmer's Reference Manual (1987) intel 286 programmers reference manual.txt 687,436
Intel 80287 Programmer's Reference Manual (1987) intel 287 programmers reference manual.txt 440,365
Intel 80386 Programmer's Reference Manual (1986) intel 386 programmers reference manual.txt 857,425
Intel 80387 Programmer's Reference Manual (1987) intel 387 programmers reference manual.txt 440,478

IA-64, Intel Itanium

Name File Size
Intel Itanium(TM) Architecture Assembly Language Reference Guide itanium_asm_lang.pdf 432,325

Alpha AXP

Name File Size
Alpha Architecture Handbook alpha architecture handbook.pdf 5,394,788
Alpha Architecture Handbook, January 2002 alpha_arch_ref.pdf 8,678,542
Alpha 21264 Compiler Writer's Guide alpha 21264 compiler writers guide.pdf 1,545,595
Compiler Writer's Guide for the 21264/21364, January 2002 comp_guide_v2.pdf 674,065
Alpha Calling Standard alpha calling standard.pdf 345,352
Porting Windows NT programs from x86 to Alpha alpha nt porting from x86.pdf 177,712
Alpha 21264/EV6 Hardware Reference Manual 21264ev6_hrm.pdf 4,188,149
Alpha 21264/EV67 Microprocessor Hardware Reference Manual 21264ev67_hrm.pdf 4,237,100
Alpha 21264/EV68A Microprocessor Hardware Reference Manual 21264ev68a_hrm.pdf 4,308,604
Alpha 21264/EV68CB and 21264/EV68DC Microprocessor Hardware Reference Manual 21264ev68cb_ev68dc_hrm.pdf 4,093,506
Alpha 21164 Microprocessor Hardware Reference Manual, December 1998 164_366-600_ref_man.pdf 3,108,185
Alpha 21164 Microprocessor Hardware Reference Manual, July 1996 21164_hrm.pdf 2,205,265
Alpha 21064 and Alpha 21064A Microprocessor Hardware Reference Manual 21064_64a_hrm.pdf 1,177,774
Alpha 21066 and Alpha 21066A Microprocessor Hardware Reference Manual 21066_66a_hrm.pdf 658,405


Name File Size
MIPS R4000 Microprocessor User's Manual r4000 microprocessor users manual.pdf 1,578,430
MIPS R10000 Microprocessor User's Manual r10000 microprocessor users manual.pdf 1,199,421


Name File Size
PowerPC Programmer's Reference Guide powerpc programmers reference guide.pdf 243,943
PowerPC Programming Environments powerpc programming environments.pdf 2,610,942
PowerPC Compiler Writer's Guide powerpc compiler writers guide.pdf 1,150,106


Name File Size
SPARC V8 Architecture sparcv8.pdf 903,514
SPARC V9 Architecture sparcv9.pdf 3,041,850


Name File Size
IEEE 754 - binary floating-point arithmetic ieee-754.pdf 50,715
IEEE 854 - radix-independent floating-point arithmetic ieee-854.pdf 164,891
What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic floating_point_math.pdf 283,710

PC Hardware

Name File Size
Intel 8959A Programmable Interrupt Controller 8259A.pdf 333,256
Intel 8237A Programmable DMA Controller 231466.pdf 249,347
Intel 82078 Floppy Disk Controller 29047504.pdf 514,641
Intel 82C54 Programmable Interval Timer 82C54.pdf 245,164
Motorola MC146818A RTC and CMOS RAM MC146818.pdf 2,254,374
Motorola MC6845 CRT Controller MC6845.pdf 731,146

Application Binary Interfaces

Name File Size
System V ABI Version 4.1 System V ABI 4.1.pdf 845,798
386 SVR4 ABI abi386-4.pdf 1,068,001
PowerPC SVR4 ABI powerpc svr4 abi.pdf 267,313
SPARC SVR4 ABI sparc svr4 abi.pdf 388,643
x86-64 SVR4 ABI x86_64 svr4 abi.pdf 236,374
MIPS ABI mipsabi.pdf 490,809
MIPS n32 ABI Handbook mipspro n32 abi handbook.pdf 173,900
Intel Itanium(TM) ABI ia64abi.pdf 723,623

Object and Executable File Formats

Name File Size
ELF Specification v1.1 elf.pdf 219,184
ELF Specification v1.2 elf12.pdf 345,215
64-bit ELF Specification elf-64-gen.pdf 172,444
Solaris Linker and Libraries Guide (good i386/x64/SPARC ELF reference included) 817-1984.pdf 1,972,480
TIS Object Module Format (OMF) Specification omf.pdf 236,371
Microsoft New Executable (NE) Specification, Windows 3.0 variety exefmt.txt 23,029
Microsoft New Executable (NE) Specification, Windows 3.1 variety exe-win.txt 19,396
IBM Linear Executable (LX) and OMF Specification lxomf.pdf 351,361
Windows Formats (PE and symbols) Specification pe_and_symbols.pdf 401,064
PE and COFF Specification pecoff.pdf 294,879
Intel HEX Format Specification intel_hex.txt 16,587

Debugging Information Formats

Name File Size
DWARF 2.0 Standard - See also the DWARF FAQ dwarf20.pdf 275,014
DWARF 3.0 Draft dwarf3-draft7-011029.pdf 1,091,458
IBM HLL Debugging Information ibmhll.html 177,078
CodeView Debugging Information CodeView.pdf 214,354

Language References

Name File Size
ISO C99 Technical Corrigendum 3 n1256.pdf 3,788,603
The New C Standard: An Economic and Cultural Commentary cbook1_0b.pdf 10,619,997


Name File Size
DPMI 1.0 Specification dpmi10.pdf 275,186
DPMI Int 2FH Function 1680H dpmi1_0.txt 134,485
PostScript Language Reference Manual PostScript Language Reference Manual.pdf 7,771,729
PostScript Level 2 Reference Manual PostScript Level 2 Reference Manual.pdf 3,452,467
Open Watcom CG API cgdoc.html 102,166